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Dream Yacht Share is the smartest way to sail in Texas and your gateway to worldwide sailing. Enjoy local daily access to one of two spectacular sailing yachts and explore exotic destinations around the world as a member of the Dream Yachts family.

Membership program

Use a luxuriously appointed yacht as if it were yours, but for a small fraction of the cost to own privately. Three membership levels allow up to 12 prescheduled cruises per month + unlimited access “as available”. Choose from either a Dufour 412 Monohull or a Bali 4.1 Catamaran. Both fully equipped for your comfort and enjoyment. Memberships start at just $799 / month.

Ownership program

Own a yacht in Dream Yacht Share and let it earn money while you’re not using it. We manage all the details and send you a check every month.

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Dream Yacht Share Membership is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get out on the water without any hassles or long term commitments. Whether you’re just getting started in boating or are already an old salt, Dream Yacht Share membership allows you to enjoy a new, fully equipped sailing yacht practically as if it were your own, but at a fraction of the cost. After an initial training and orientation session, you can reserve cruises online with just a few clicks using our exclusive mobile scheduling application. You’ll arrive to find your yacht clean, fueled and ready to go. Day cruises run from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Night Cruises run from 6:00 PM to 10:00 AM. You can even book your cruises back to back for an extended trip! There are 3 membership levels designed to work around your busy schedule. Choose the one that suits your available time and budget.

Dream Yacht Share Program Monthly Midweek Cruises* Monthly Weekend Cruises* Walk-On Cruises*
(as available)
DYC Worldwide Charter Discount
Discovery 3 0 Unlimited 5%
Premium 4 2 Unlimited 10%
VIP 8 4 Unlimited 15%
*Day Cruise: 10AM – 6PM | Night Cruise: 6PM – 10AM

Dream Yacht Share is currently offering memberships on board two spectacular yachts:

  • Dufour 412 Monohull: 2 cabins & 2 heads
  • Bali 4.1 Catamaran: 4 cabin / 4 head
Both yachts will be moored at the Kemah Boardwalk Marina for easy access.
Memberships start at just $799 per month. Click here to receive full details.
Dream Yacht Membership is ideal for families interested in gaining experience towards a global sailing adventure. Hone your skills locally and qualify to bareboat charter from our worldwide fleet of more than 1000 yachts.

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The benefits of Ownership

If you love the idea of owning a yacht, but don’t have the time to fully enjoy it, Dream Yacht Share ownership is the way to go. Put your yacht to work by sharing it with other qualified boaters. Operating costs such as moorage, insurance and maintenance are paid 100% by Dream Yacht Share. Plus you’ll receive a monthly cash payment applicable towards your boat loan. Dream Yacht owners receive Premium member access and benefits with up to 6 prescheduled cruises per month and unlimited “as available” use. Paying members assigned to your yacht are fully trained and always accountable for proper use. The Dream Yacht Share team will keep a close eye on your investment and is “on call” 24/7 to assist if any issues arise.

Looking for that break you need ?

Dream Yacht Worldwide Family Discounts

Spread your wings and discover a world of possibilities with Dream Yacht Charter. As a member of the Dream Yachts family, you’ll have discounted access to our global fleet of 1000+ yachts in more than 50 exotic locations around world. Browse our worldwide catalog of beautiful destinations and exceptional yachts here.

Sail the places you have always dreamed of on board any of our stunning yachts.

Ever seen people relaxing on a yacht and wished it could be you?

Instead of a thousand new acquaintances, you’ll just have a few new friends.

The pinnacle of all-inclusive chartering: a floating hotel where you are the only guests

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